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Hon'ble Mohammad Imran

(Founder Director's Message)
It is with a sense of great joy that we bring the Lal bazar sports Cricket Academy to a nation where Cricket is worshipped as a religion. It was a matter of great concern that children interested in the sport had little options available to them with respect to the wherewithal of learning the sport professionally. This is the problem which we attempt to address through our foray in the field of sport education. We are honoured to have on our side as mentors and guides people who have made a mark for themselves worldwide in Cricket. Bringing the right exposure to children right from the start will go a long way in instilling the required discipline and inculcating the correct mindset. Mastering the game will only be matter of time then. Welcome to the future.



Lal bazar sports Stadium Sports Fraternity, since inception, has been facilitating and supporting sports in Kashmir with an aim to foster the spirit of winning in a manner which only sports can inculcate among the youth in Kashmir. The Lal bazar sports stadium is the name behind sports like Cricket, Football, Its sponsorship of the domestic Cricket team for over a decade saw domestic cricket rise to the top in all formats of the game. TheLal bazaar sports stadium has always believed in sports and played its part in encouraging, nurturing and supporting not just the games or sports but also individual talents from the grassroots to the international levels.

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